Naked Science — Facial recognition

When we think of our personal data, we often consider information like our phone number, bank details, or email address. But what about our eyes, ears, mouth, and nose? Facial recognition is increasingly being used to tag and track our individual activities, and while commonplace in unlocking personal devices like laptops and phones, certain institutions are keen to use our features for much more than mugshots. This includes the US Treasury, who last week backtracked on plans for mandatory facial verification for people logging their tax returns. So why are some people wary of firms having their faces on file?

Producer Robert Spencer
Presenter Robert Spencer
Guests Gareth Mitchell, Stephanie Hare, and Lord Clement-Jones
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There is an accompanying article that I wrote about the topic here.

This was part of my work with the Naked Scientists in early 2022. The Naked Scientists are a science podcast and radio show based out of Cambridge.