Naked Science — Lit Gillnets

Overfishing has had a major impact on our marine ecosystems. Apart from depleting fishing stocks, catching unwanted fish, known as bycatch, can disrupt food chains, damage the natural world and needlessly further endanger rare species. However, reducing the amount of bycatch while still maintaining profitable fishing enterprises has been difficult. But now, new research is shedding some light on a solution. Robert Spencer asked marine biologist Charlotte Birkmanis, from the University of Western Australia and who wasn’t involved in the study, to take a look at the idea…

Producer Robert Spencer
Presenter Robert Spencer
Guests Charlotte Birkmanis
Lead-in Chris Smith
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There is an accompanying article that I wrote about the topic here.

This was part of my work with the Naked Scientists in early 2022. The Naked Scientists are a science podcast and radio show based out of Cambridge.