Jones-Wenzl Idempotents

Here are some of the Jones-Wenzl idempotents in the Temperley-Lieb algebras. The coefficients are computed using Scott Morrison’s formula and my library temperley_lieb_cat. The data files can be deserialised, though calculation through jw(n) should be fast enough for all the values below. The pdf files use the convention that a closed loop resolves to \(X\).

\(\text{JW}_1\) pdf data \(\text{JW}_2\) pdf data \(\text{JW}_3\) pdf data
\(\text{JW}_4\) pdf data \(\text{JW}_5\) pdf data \(\text{JW}_6\) pdf data
\(\text{JW}_7\) data \(\text{JW}_8\) data \(\text{JW}_9\) data

From \(\text{JW}_7\) onwards, \(\LaTeX\) refuses to compile the document and from around 10 onwards, the coefficients overflow signed 128-bit integers and I haven’t yet implemented larger number values.